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The project "Information Society Technologies Promotion in Baltic States" (IST4Balt, No.: IST-2-511331-CA) is a Coordination Action for the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) IST Priority. IST4Balt is a follow-up of the FP5 IST project TELEBALT, 2001-2003. The main goal of the project is to promote the FP6 IST Priority to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by implementing fast dissemination and awareness actions targeted on these EU New Member States (NMS). IST4Balt will do technology studies and market review of the present situation with the IST in the three Baltic countries and provide (through IST4Balt Web-sites, News Journals, workshops, conferences and training courses) relevant information and formulate appropriate recommendations to EU research and marketing telematics communities. Basing on applicability of the services and tools in the Baltic countries it is planned to launch new project proposals to IST and other relevant EU programmes with participation of EU members and the Baltic States.

The project will select and demonstrate IST developed services and tools following IST Strategic Objectives:

  • Open development platforms for software and services;
  • Applications and services for the mobile user and worker;
  • Cross-media content for leisure and entertainment;
  • Improving risk management;
  • e-Inclusion.

A system of three Information Dissemination Centres (IDCs) will be developed by the project (one IDC in each participating country). A system of IST4Balt Web-sites will be developed by each of the three IDCs focused on particular application areas.

Three issues of IST4Balt News Journal will be published yearly electronically and in hard-copies. They will be devoted to IST events and tools relevant to IST activities in the Baltic States.

The IST4Balt will organise seven all-Baltic major conferences, seven technical/training workshops and provide distant and face-to-face training measures to promote FP6 and other EU programmes in the Baltic States.

The project will initiate the creation of Trans-Baltic IST Association that will unite the IST4Balt participants with leading computer networking, telematics, e-publishing, e-education and e-business organisations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The association will coordinate joint efforts of the Baltic States in IST development focusing on integration of these countries to the EU.

IST4Balt was started in September 2004 and has duration of 36 months.

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