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IST4Balt is a follow-up of the project "Teleworking as a Tool for Information Society Technologies Programme Promotion to Baltic States" (TELEBALT), which was started on 1 October 2001 and was over on 31 October 2003. TELEBALT was implemented in the framework of the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5) of the EU.


The project goals were to advertise and promote IST Programme to three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) by fast and efficient dissemination and awareness actions targeted on Baltic countries as states newly associated to European Union. These goals were fulfilled using new methods of team work, such as teleworking, virtual laboratories, etc. EU and Baltic states interested parties were encouraged to work together for the benefits of joint Europe.

TELEBALT objectives

  • Promote IST Programme to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania;
  • Develop in participating Baltic countries a system of IST Information Demonstration Centres (IDCs);
  • Organize TELEBALT kick-off planning meeting and major conference in Vilnius (Lithuania), two workshops in Riga (Latvia) and outlook workshop in Tallinn (Estonia);
  • Provide demonstrations of IST objectives, opportunities, developed telematics products and relevant results to the Baltic States telematics community;
  • Introduce new methods of team work to develop project focal points in the three Baltic countries;
  • Select and adapt to participating Baltic countries relevant IST developed telematics tools;
  • Encourage submission of new project proposals to the EC from the Baltic countries;
  • Provide training to promote dissemination of IST and future EC telematics programs in the Baltic States;
  • Publish three volumes of TELEBALT Newsletter.

TELEBALT target audience

Applied and theoretical research, environmental protection and telemedicine communities, educational and vocational training communities, commercial companies involved in teleworking and e-commerce.

TELEBALT consortium

  • Earth Data Network for Education and Scientific Exchange (EDNES, France), Coordinator;
  • Non-profit Organisation Public Foundation "Open Latvia" (OL, Latvia), Principal contractor;
  • Association of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Office Equipment of Lithuania (INFOBALT, Lithuania), Principal contractor;
  • Publishing House "Inforing AS" (Estonia), Subcontractor;
  • Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA), Subcontractor.


The project Web-site is available here.

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